Camps for all ages!

Golden Camp

This is our camp for the adults who love camp! We bring the 50+ crowd together and have a great time of camp activities, special music, great chapels and lots of fun. We spoil the campers with exceptional food, and we all enjoy tremendous fellowship. Bring your own RV or use one of our cabins. All are welcome.

Teen Camp

This is a great week of activities especially planned for our teenagers. The schedule is more relaxed with options of activities and time to just hang out and build friendships. You will be surprised what a week of being “unplugged” will do! N/A in 2021

Missionary In Training

This is a program that we run inside the program to train and develop leaders who want to be a summer missionary here in the future. This requires the camper to be serious about their faith and about training to be a great leader. First, you will attend teen camp as a regular camper and then the next week, you will be sitting in classes, doing manual labor and seeing what it means to actually be a camp leader. It is not fun and games as much as it is serving and learning. N/A in 2021

Junior Camps

These camps are for children ages 8-12. All campers will have the opportunity to experience riding and swimming. They will also experience several other skills each day, giving them a chance to try many things. Campers stay in cabins with no more than 12 other campers and 2 or 3 leaders. Check out this link to register for camp in 2021.

Squirt Camp

This camp is designed especially for our littlest campers so they can experience camp for a short time but see what it is all about. We have a schedule designed to suit this age group. They will still have the chance to ride a horse and use the pool as well as other skills and special events. This camp is also best for those that struggle to be away from home for more than two sleeps. N/A in 2021

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation Camps

This year we are having 3 camps especially for our Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation campers. Of course, you can choose any camp that you wish to attend but this one will be especially designed with you in mind. Each camper will be able to enjoy all the skills that Torch has to offer in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Come and enjoy building relationships with people who care about you. We have one week August 16-20, 2021, please contact our office for more info