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Health and Safety

Our staff are chosen and trained with a view to providing a safe environment for your child(ren). We always aim for physical safety in activities, disease prevention practices, mitigating environmental dangers (such as sun and insect exposure), and bullying prevention. To learn more about our staff screening and standards, visit our In Safe Hands website.

Camp nurses are on-site at Torch Trail Bible Camp during summer camp weeks and are equipped to:


  • Deliver regular medication to campers

  • Bandage bumps and bruises

  • Mend minor injuries

  • Deliver over-the-counter medicine as needed

  • Provide immediate first aid

  • Bring campers to a doctor in town or hospital when appropriate

In the event of an emergency, the nearest hospital is within 30 minutes from camp (at normal driving speeds).

Medical History

When registering your camper, his or her full medical history including health conditions, allergies, immunization status, medications, and lice history must be disclosed in order so we can properly care for your child.


All medication (including over the counter drugs such as Advil, Tylenol, etc.) brought to camp must be given to the camp nurse at registration. Only our qualified medical staff are able to deliver it to campers. We strongly discourage “medication holidays”; if your child requires medication during the school year they must also take it regularly at camp. Please bring these medications to check-in and submit them to the camp nurse; the nurse will ensure it is administered appropriately.

No medication is allowed in cabins. If your child requires emergency medications (ie. epi-pens, ventolin), please bring two sets; one for the camp nurse and one to be kept on the camper. Ensure these prescriptions are properly labeled, full, and brought to camp in a fanny pack or small backpack.

Contagious Illnesses and Lice

Camp is not a good place for sick and recovering children. All campers and staff must be at least 48 hrs from their last vomiting and/or diarrhea before arriving at camp. If your child is on antibiotics, they have to have been on the prescription for at least 48 hrs before coming to camp. If your child has lice, they need to have had at least one treatment and be nit-free for a week. Please use your discretion for colds.

Illness or Injury at Camp

If your child starts vomiting and/or has diarrhea or is found to have lice, they will be isolated and need to be picked up to go home as soon as possible. Once the child is 48 hrs vomiting/diarrhea-free, they may come back to camp. If the child has lice, he or she will not be able to come back to camp.

If your child becomes sick with something else or is injured, the camp nurse will assess the severity of the situation and determine if a parent/guardian needs to take the child to the hospital or if the camp will take the child to the hospital and if the child can return to camp.

Homesick Campers

We strongly discourage campers from calling home as this often makes them more homesick, and we are simply not equipped for our campers to make/receive phone calls unless it is an emergency. We try to keep them busy and give them extra attention. If necessary, the camp director will call a parent/guardian to discuss the situation and the parent/guardian will decide whether or not the child should go home.

Refunds for Illness/Injury

If your child becomes sick or contracts lice before camp and is unable to come, registration fees are refundable  with a doctor’s note. We will try our best to fit your child into a camp week later in the summer if any spots are available. If your child becomes sick at camp or we find lice/nits at camp and is sent home, we do not refund any fees. We do not issue refunds for partial weeks, late arrivals, or early pick ups. We do not issue refunds for campers who wish to go home because they are homesick.

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