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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few of the common questions we are asked:


1. My Child does not know much about the Bible, can they still attend camp?

Yes, of course.  Most campers who attend do not know much about the Bible. That is totally fine!  We welcome anyone to attend.  The camper will have opportunity to learn about God and the Bible and to ask questions as they desire.  They will not be made to feel inadequate for not having previous knowledge or understanding.

2. What church is this camp affiliated with?
Torch Trail Bible Camp is non-denominational. That means that we are not under one church and do not promote the teachings of one church. Our staff comes together from many different churches. The great thing about camp is that we come together not to teach the campers about one religion or one church, but to teach the campers about what the Bible says and about Jesus.

3. My child does not have a Bible. Do I need to go and buy them one?
NO.  We have Bibles that are available for all campers and their families. Your child’s cabin leader will see to it that they have their very own Bible to take home. Feel free to ask if you would like one for yourself.  

4. Will my child need any money?
No. Please do not send cash of any kind to camp. All of the campers needs here will be met with the money you pay at the time of registration, including tuck.  

5. My child does not want to ride horses. Do they have to?
Absolutely not! The campers will rotate through all the skills during their time at camp, but they do not need to ride if they are not comfortable on a horse.

6. What kind of food do you have at camp?
It is our goal to serve real food to our campers. The campers always have more than one option and we can usually find something they will eat. Here are a few examples off the menu: homemade pizza, fresh cinnamon buns with scrambled eggs, roast turkey and mashed potatoes, baked ham and macaroni & cheese, homemade subs with chocolate milk (camp favorite), farmer sausage and perogies.   

     We serve desserts at supper, (tuck shop opens in the afternoon), milk and fruit are served every day. There is always a fruit bowl out as well.  

     Campers are encouraged to say "no thank-you" if they do not like something in the food line and just take what they like. There are always options.

7. My child has special health concerns or is taking medication. Can they still come?
All campers with their parents/guardians will stop at the nurse’s station before moving in to the cabins for a lice check. At this time you should hand in any medications to the camp nurse, as well as inform them of any medical conditions or concerns that you may have. DO NOT SEND MEDICATIONS OF ANY KIND TO THE CABIN WITH YOUR CAMPER.
    If your child has ever had any asthma problems, PLEASE ASSUME THEY WILL HAVE A REOCCURRENCE AT CAMP AND SEND ALONG THE NECESSARY MEDICATIONS. We do many things that are out of the ordinary at camp and this, along with a different environment can often trigger an asthma attack.

8. Is there financial assistance to send my child to camp? How does the campership wo
rk? Is there a discount for families?

Yes! We do have a limited amount of money that is donated for helping parents who cannot afford to send their children to camp. They are required to pay at least half, and then to make other efforts to find help, possibly through friends or relatives, local clubs etc. The funds that we have for this will assist those still needing other help to pay the fees.

   We ask that you make your request in writing by filling out our Campership Application Form (Please contact the office at 1-306-428-2989)

There is a Family Discount Available: the first two children from the same family pay the full amount, and each additional child receives a $50.00 discount

9. Do camper registration fees cover the cost of running camp?
Camper fees do NOT cover camp costs and we have to fundraise thousands of dollars to subsidize the camp. Campers fees cover the cost of the seasonal summer staff.


10. What is your refund policy?

In case of cancellation, a $50 registration fee becomes non-refundable.

Following opening day of their camp week, all fees become non-refundable.

In the event we are required to cancel a week of camp a 100% refund will be issued to all campers.

10. How can I help?
We need several levels of help.  
TIME: We need those who can give of their time to help out with the work at the camp both on and off season.  We need workers in all kinds of areas: bush work, kitchen help, ranch hands, yard work etc…
MONEY: We are a registered charity and all donations are issued a receipt for benefit to the donor on their taxes.
PRAYER:  Please remember us in your prayers whenever you can! This is where the real work begins.

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