We are offering the SWIM for Life swimming lesson program through Lifesaving Society at our outdoor pool. 
** easily transferred from Red Cross to the appropriate SWIM for Life level **
PLEASE NOTE: The lifeguard will not be in the water unless of emergency. Everyone is asked to remain 6 ft. from others in and outside the pool. All SHA guidelines and protocols will be followed.
Lessons Available:
Preschool 1-5 (ages 3-5)
Parents must be in the water with their child at all times in preschool levels.
Swimmer 1-6, Rookie/Ranger/Star Patrol (ages 5+)
Preschool 1-5: $55
Swimmer 1-3: $65
Swimmer 4 - Star Patrol: $70
Lesson lengths and times will be communicated upon registration
July 5-9 (Monday - Friday)
Preschool 1
Preschool 2
Preschool 3
Swimmer 1
Swimmer 2
Swimmer 3 - full (available July 12)
Swimmer 4
July 12-16 (Monday - Friday)
Preschool 4
Preschool 5
Swimmer 3
Swimmer 5
Swimmer 6
Rookie Patrol
Ranger/Star Patrol
Spots are limited for each lesson so please register by June 25 by contacting us at
306-428-2989 or torchtrailbiblecamp@gmail.com.
Level Descriptions
To see a description of each level, click this link.
SWIM for Life Registration Guidelines
(Click link above to view our registration guidelines before you make your swim class selection)
Our canteen will be open throughout the day!