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MISSIONARY in Training (MIT)


This is a program that we run inside the program to train and develop leaders who want to be a summer missionary here in the future. This requires the camper to be serious about their faith and about training to be a great leader.


*Please Note: During Teen Camp (July 3-7), the MITer will participate as a regular camper in everything, except for a 1 hr session each day specifically focused for the MIT. During JUNIOR 1, (July 10-14) the MIT participants will be together for intentional training in a variety of aspects (See below).


  • MIT participants will spend some portion of their time working as a group doing work duties, and other ‘behind the scenes’ jobs, but a primary focus will be on leadership training, skill development/teaching, and spiritual growth through Bible study and discussion. 

  • MIT teaches servanthood, provides an experience of Christian community, facilitates the formation of lifelong friendships, and encourages young people in their faith.

  • MIT is designed to be a challenging, but rewarding leadership training experience. It is not fun and games as much as it is serving and leading. 

  • Because of the nature of this program, this is a longer application form that we ask you fill out. 

  • TTBC reserves the right to screen applicants for MIT to ensure that participants are aware of what is required of them, and to help maintain the overall quality of the program. WE WILL CONFIRM WITH YOU whether or not you are in the program.


JULY 3-7, 10-14, 2023





For any questions regarding registration please contact us at:

306-428-2989 OR

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